Barista Company

If it’s Barista, it's quality.

Since its creation and over the course of two years, I have worked with Barista brand trying to bring their image to the category that their products deserve. Each season requires the creation of a new concept that grows the capacity of the company without leaving behind its principles. Its image is based on refinement and cleanliness; trying to transmit values such as: quality, culture and innovation.

Date: 1 August, 2016
Services: Branding, Packaging


A picture is worth more than…

‘Barista Company’ is presented to the market as an innovative company, which through a integral service, aims to incorporate the highest quality to each and every one of the different lines of business that it carries out. Distribution of coffee and infusions, machinery & utensils for the elaboration of the product, as well as the necessary training to be able to carry out a integral hostelry project based on the highest quality.