Centenary of Veranes

Finalist proposal of Corporate Identity for national competition.

It’s aimed to provide a comprehensive communication solution: corporate applications off and online, creation of an explanatory panel of the route that includes different historical sites in the municipality of Veranes (Gijón), the so-called Cenero route, and proposal for a basic layout for a editorial product in which all these topics will be discussed.
All this was developed in an A3 dossier of 29 pages.

Date: 1 March, 2016
Services: Branding


More than ten centuries of history

For the creation of an identity that commemorates the centenary of the discovery of the Roman Villa of Veranes, it is inevitable to resort to those elements of the site, which in the V century anticipated the arrival of graphic design. To do this, everything begins by discovering firsthand what still remains today of those colorful mosaics or magical inscriptions … This proposal aims to translate the following concepts: