SG Sport sign system

A sign system manual for sport centers

The sign system manual is a guiding instrument of basic norms for the correct and adequate signaling of the different environments and / or areas of Santagadea Sport centers, in order to identify and guide users to reach their final destination.

Client: Madhouse
Date: 1 August, 2017
Services: Sign system, Branding


A more unified dimension

It is all about bringing the language of the corporate manual of Santagadea Sport to their sports centers, so that users begin to familiarize themselves with the new brand through signage (among others). In the manual of signage guidelines are established for the use of different signaling devices, as well as for the base design that will accompany them. For Santagadea Sport the most outstanding part is the quality of their services and facilities, the brand aims to transmit that condition through clean shapes and solid colors.